Ketty & Tommy

Ketty & Tommy Campanella are the diligent hosts of the Osteria Ticino in Ascona. They are the second generation in their family to host. With the takeover of the Albergo Carcani, which is located close to the Piazza from Ascano, in the autumn of 2020, a new chapter began for the two full-blood-hosts.

After finishing her studies in linguistics and tourism, Ketty started to gather experience in the hotels of the premium catering. Since 2013, she and her husband Tommaso Campanella are hosting the Osteria Ticino. The family Tommaso is a family full of caterers. Their own Italian restaurant on the Lake Constance is one of their biggest achievements, especially the Ristorante le Mezzaluna. After his apprenticeship, Tommaso moved to the Swiss where he was able to work his way up to the leading positions of different 5-star-hotels. The two caterers were crossing paths in 2007 in one of the premium hotels of Ascona, ever since Tommaso and Ketty are inseparable. To realize their dream of becoming independent, they overtook the business of Kettys parents. „Visit us very soon and be spoiled by our service and our unique Tessin hospitality“ See you soon.“ Ketty & Tommy

Albergo Carcani & Ascona


Ascona is looking back to a very vivid history. Once, the surrounding hills were occupied with four castles to control the shipping on the Verbano. All the four castles were connected through secret passageways: Castello San Michele, San Materno, dei Grillioni and dei Carcani. In the present however, there are only remains and some small pieces of the wall left.

The Castello San Michele was located close to the church of the same name and was dedicated to the family Duni in the 13th century. However, in the 17th century already, there were only two towers and a small church left. The rest of the castle was already destroyed at this point.

The Castello San Materno had a pretty similar fate. It also only remains in small parts close to a chapel of the same name.

However, the Castello dei Ghiriglioni on the Quai of Ascona was surviving a little bit better. Built in the 13th century, the castle was used by a noble family from Milan. Around 1513, the castle was partially destroyed, the remains are now parted into the Albergo Castello and some replicas.

Two towers and a part of the old wall have survived until today. Close to the Via Ghiriglioni, there are two gates recognizable which were part of the wall.

Unfortunately, there are no remains of the Castello dei Carcani, nowadays „Albergo Carcani“, which was located in the center of the village, however the legend has survived until today.