Feel like having a black pizza in Ascona? 

Eating a black pizza it’s not just a matter of trends, but it’s also good for your health, due to the presence of activated charcoal in the dough.

What about an Italian charcoal pizza?

Pizza parties are always a good idea, at least that’s what Ketty and Tommy, the Carcani’s owners, used to say. You will undoubtedly feel happy and satisfied after indulging in a real Italian-style pizza during lunch or at a family gathering, but you might be surprised to learn that pizza is not just a treat for the palate but also a healthy method to look after yourself.

Ristorante Carcani in Ascona offers you the authentic taste of an Italian pizza in its restaurant along with a selection of basic doughs. And one of them is clearly the black dough with activated charcoal, which is detoxifying, tasty and healthy.

We should mention that when people started using activated charcoal in pizza doughs around the world, many people found it a bit strange, mainly because of the unexpected dark color of the pizza bases. But it quickly won over people’s hearts. 

The great thing about adding activated charcoal to food is that it has two benefits: First, it’s very digestible, and second, it imparts a new flavor that’s crunchier and goes well with some components, like cheesy, juicy pizzas.

Although it looks like regular charcoal powder, due to its unusual manufacturing process, activated charcoal actually has the ability to bind tightly with a variety of toxins that may be present in our bodies.Since activated charcoal cannot be digested by our bodies, any chemicals that bind to it, including medications and toxins, pass through our digestive system without being absorbed.

So adding activated charcoal to our black pizza dough recipe is not just a marketing ploy to attract new customers among Ascona pizza fans; it also provides a great unusual flavor that is crispy, digestible and delicious with cheese.

Carcani’s pizza dough contains only a small amount of activated charcoal, so you can be sure that our black pizza is delicious, easy to digest, detoxifying and healthy.

The pizza crust made with activated charcoal is undoubtedly one of the best results of this research on modern cuisine. It combines the incredible Italian pizza history with today’s focus on health and wellness and is a big hit with our customers.

We can guarantee with certainty that black pizza will not be just a passing fad in the restaurant industry, but a lasting innovation in pizzerias around the world. 

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