Hiking in the Vallemaggia & Verzasca Valley



The biggest valley in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland is called Vallemaggia, after the crystal-clear river that has long flowed through the valley. The valley is incredibly vibrant but classic, and it retains its allure in all four seasons. Because of the lush vegetation and summertime shade provided by the deep trees in the lower portions of the valley, strolling is enjoyable even on hot days. Autumn is a time of intense color. A true natural spectacle develops, especially in the Valle di Lodano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Vallemaggia, or Maggia Valley as it is called in English, stretches from Ponte Brolla to Cavergno. The Rovana Valley, home to the well-known Walser settlement of Bosco Gurin, the historic Bavona Valley, and the Val Lavizzara, whose end is marked by the Narèt reservoir, are three other side valleys. Each of these side valleys has unique qualities and differs greatly from the others.

There are more than 700 km of hiking trails that connect the riverbank, which is popular with bathers during the warm months, with Ticino’s tallest glacier, the Basdino. Vallemaggia is a limitless hiking paradise for nature enthusiasts, families, and adventurers with easy strolls through typical Ticino villages, sheer rock faces, or multi-day trips across high alpine terrain.



Unquestionably, the Verzasca Valley is one of Ticino’s most well-known valleys. The distance between Gordola and Sonogno is 25 kilometers. The most outstanding elements are arguably the emerald-green river with its well polished stones, the 220-meter-high dam at the valley’s entry, and the arched bridge in Lavertezzo.

It is a very tranquil, rustic, and picturesque valley despite the numerous attractions that draw many visitors, particularly in the summer. There are almost 350 kilometers of designated hiking paths that take you to secluded mountain cabins, sweeping peaks, alpine lakes, and lovely swimming holes. The fact that both families and alpinists can choose the ideal trip to experience amazing moments in nature makes hiking here even more appealing.

The valley is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, and the seasons affect how it looks in terms of color. A rough and rocky valley, the Verzasca Valley is. If you leave the river and climb up into the heights, you usually have to work really hard to get the stunning view. Yet it’s worthwhile!





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