Mediterranean flair

Ascona is located in a beautiful bay of the Lago Maggiore and it is one of the most popular designations of the Swiss. No matter if you visit in the spring, the summer, the autumn or in the winter, with all the available events you are able to experience pure lifestyle and spend your vacation on the banks of the Lago Maggiore.

Here, you can find whatever you are looking for. You can go shopping at the italian market Cannobio or get your adrenaline kick while bungee jumping from the Verzasca dam. Right next to the lake you can do all kinds of water sports or rent any kind of boat. Onshore, you can go on a biking tour or go hiking, as well as golfing.


Insiders tip: „In gir par cantin“

With the bike on an adventure tour:

Every Saturday morning, the club „Amis de la forchéta“ is organizing a tour in local wine vaults and gastronomical companies. You can look forward to social moments while savouring Tessin wine and culinary specialties.


The bikes for the tours are from the inventory of the Bike-sharing-service of Locarno. All tours are planed into every detail and accompanied by experienced guides. At the stops, there are savourings and some insights into the vaults and manufacturing facilities. Depending on the company, you can also get details and explainations of the steps in the production.

More information and registration:

CHF 79 per person

Dive into another world

Termali Salini

Just a few kilometres away in Locarno, there is the Termali Salini and spa. The beautiful design and the location on the waterfront of the lake, are turning it into a real highlight.

The details in all the different areas of the spa commemorate of the gorgeous nature of the Tessin. In front of the windows, there are the incredible looking mountains and you have a beautiful sight. 

Termali Salini

Termali Salini & Spa in Locarno

The Termali Salini & Spa in Locarno is the biggest nature-health spa in the Tessin and an unique place to relax and calm down. The bath is standing out through its great location on The Lago Maggiore and the unique architecture. The small niches and grottoes are supposed to remind on the Tessin river valleys. From many places in the spa, the guests can enjoy an incredible view over the lake.

As real nature brine baths all of the pools have a soothing effect on your skin and your body. The spa scenery is extended over two stories. Over a defined oath the guests can go from one station to Th next one, like a real ritual. Of course, everyone can decide for themselves, which program fits best to themselves. However, the fixed flow is also giving you the possibility to just go with the flow and let go of your every day life. The saunas in the basement are designed like an underwater world while the exclusive spa rooms in the upper floor are giving the opportunity to look over the entire Lago Maggiore and the mountains.

Your mobility

Enterprising, ardor of dicovery and curious? Off ou go with our free offerings!

  • Ticino Ticket: During your stay in our hotel, you an use the public transportation in Tessin for free and get special benefits at certain recreation facilities.

Trip into the

Tessin valleys

Valle Maggia

Enjoy the best relaxation in the surrounding forests and valleys. In our homeland, every guest decides their pace for themselves. Places like the Ponte Brolla gorge, the Mario Botta mountain church in Mogno or the museum in Cevio invite you to discover. Tessin specialties in one of the many grottos complete the trip.


Valle Verzasca

Behind Gordola, there is the characteristic 25km long valley of Verzasca. While passing the reservoir of Vogorno, you cross the oldest still used Roman bridge in Lavertezzo. Visiting Sonogno, you can also discover the famous Tessin art handicraft. Afterwards, you may also want to stop for a bite to eat in a traditional Grotto.



Starting at Verdasio, there is a small ropeway up into the upland village of Rasa. Up over the sea, the visitor get an exclusive insight into the past. The original Tessin village is up to today still inhabited by an exclusive breed of people and offers a lot of unique impressions. Starting in Verdasio, there are also the beautiful public footpaths towards Intragna or onto the Pizzo Leone, one of the most famous observation points around the Lago Maggiore.


Abandon you worries


Beautiful hours or a walk with some obstacles, it lies in the eye of the beholder. Golfing on the regional and lovely located Tessin golf course, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and get your mind off your worries from home. Nearby, there is the exclusive golf club Patriziale Ascona. The golf course is a real bijou, located in an exotic-subtropical landscape on the Lago Maggiore. Just a few minutes from the golf course, the golf club Gerre Losone awaits its guests in between snug chestnuts and rugged ridges. While teeing, you can enjoy the impressive width of the valley of Maggia. The golf clubs are real havens of calmness and give variety during your stay on the Lago Maggiore. The golf course in Ascona expects a handicap of 30, while you can already start with a handicap of 36 in Losone.

Golf Club Ascona

The total length of the greens on the 18-hole golf course is 5948 meters. The course is pretty plain and pleases player from every degree.

Where: Ascona distance from the Albergo Carcani: 1.5 km



Golf Club Losone

The golf club of Losone is blessed with a total length of 6250 meters and 18-holes. The course is pretty plain as well, and player from every degree are pleased while playing in Losone.

Where: Losone distance from the Albergo Carcani: 4.5 km



Golf Academy

The Cliff Potts Golf academy is one of the most successful golfing schools in the German-speaking world. It’s perfect, if you want to work on your skills during your vacation.

Where: Golf Club Ascona distance from the Albergo Carcani: 1.5 km



Water sports acadamy


In the summer, your guests can discover the whole brilliance of the lake. The local water skiing school „Asconautica“ has been the place to go for all water sport activities for the last 30 years. Instruction and classes in how to go on a wakeboard and the water skis or the rapid banana boat will please the whole family.