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Culture & museums in Ascona

There are many museums in Ascona, the best known of which are the Museo Comunale d´Arte Moderna on Via Borgo (with temporary exhibitions of modern art) and Casa Anatta, the villa which served as the headquarters for the 'theosophers'. There are many photos and exhibits to admire in the museum’s 18 small rooms, particularly for those with a keen interest in the humanities and social sciences.

Museo Epper boasts a fine collection of woodcuts and drawings as well as sculptures in the Expressionist style. Casa Serodine houses a collection of classical art treasures. One of the earliest examples of Bauhaus architecture in Switzerland is to be found on Monte Verità. The residence of Baron von Heydt is home to a collection of Asiatic art. The park of Ascona documents the various utopias of the members of the colony in the museums of Casa Anatta and Casa Selma.


It is no accident that the hill overlooking the town is called Monte Verità (the Mount of Truth). It was here that wealthy anarchists, philosophers, painters, naturalists, spiritualists, writers and all kinds of visionaries built their villas First among them was Belgian industrialist Henri Oedenkoven, who bought a large estate on Monte Verità where he lived with his companion, the pianist Ida Hofmann. The “life-reform” community which Oedenkoven and his followers had set up failed in 1914. Among those who arrived later were Hermann Hesse, Klabund, Paul Klee, Mary Wigman, Stephan George, Hans Richter, Isadora Duncan and James Joyce.

Community Centre for Modern Art and Fondazione Marianne Werefkin

Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Palazzo Pancaldi, Via Borgo 34, 6612 Ascona
Open March to December

Museum Monte Verità

Open April to October

Museum Epper

Casa Epper, Via Albarelle 14, 6612 Ascona
Open April to October

Casa Serodine

The magnificent stucco-work façade by Giovanni Battista Serodine (brother of the painter Giovanni) was created around 1620 during the restoration of the building. The stucco work depicts biblical scenes. Today Casa Serodine is home to the Ascona and Losone tourist association of; it is regarded as one of the most important examples of baroque art in Switzerland.

Pinacoteca Casa Rusca

Piazza S. Antonio, CH-6600 Locarno
www.cultura-ascona.ch - www.museums.ch

Teatro Dimitri

Theatre, theatre ensemble, theatre school and soon also a comedy museum

LAC Lugano

The Cultural Centre of the City of Lugano
Piazza Bernardino Luini 6, 6900 Lugano


Albergo Carcani
Piazza Motta
CH-6612 Ascona

Phone: +41 91 785 17 17
Fax: +41 91 785 17 18

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