• 01 Albergo Carcani Freizeit Monte Verita
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  • 04 Albergo Carcani Freizeit Ponte Dei Salti
  • 05 Albergo Carcani Freizeit Centovalli
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Experience panoramic mountain views


Discover Cardada, a place to relax and take time out to enjoy nature, family and fine food. Cardada is mainly a summer mountain resort, with delightful walks and hiking trails on magnificent routes, plenty of opportunities for relaxing and enjoying the typical Ticino cuisine, outdoor sports as well as the direct experience of nature.

Bosco Gurin

You will be surprised by the hospitality of Bosco Gurin: Thanks to the culture, tradition, harmony and well being it is a permanent place among the most popular tourist resorts in Ticino.
The winter season combines skiing, relaxing and enjoying the innate beauty of the mountains. All gathered, Bosco Gurin gives innovative proposals that give this ski resort a unique personality.
In Bosco Gurin you can immerse yourself in the past and experience an unforgettable holiday enjoying the peace and quietness, going in for sports in the nature and rediscovering traditions.

Mount Tamaro

You can experience a mixture between relaxing and adventure on the Mount Tamaro - hiking on the Monte Lema, an excursion to the church Santa Maria degli Angeli from the architect Mario Botta or more sportive in an adventure park, paragliding or biking. During the winter season until the end of March the installations are closed.


Albergo Carcani
Piazza Motta
CH-6612 Ascona

Phone: +41 91 785 17 17
Fax: +41 91 785 17 18

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