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Excursions to the valleys of Ticino

Valle Maggia

Enjoy relaxing hours in the forests and valleys, setting your own pace and schedule. Visit the gorge of Ponte Brolla, the mountain church in Mogno or even the museum in Cevio. The many “grottos” serving local specialties are an ideal way to round off your excursion. www.vallemaggia.ch

Val Verzasca

This steep-sided valley, some 25 km long, begins in Gordola. The Roman influence becomes apparent as soon as you pass the reservoir of Vogorno and cross the oldest Roman bridge in Lavertezzo. Visit Sonogno, home to the handicrafts of Ticino, and finish this excursion with a visit to a grotto as well.
www.verzasca.com - www.tenero-tourism.ch


In Verdasio, a small funicular railway takes you up to Rasa. At the summit, time appears to have stood still, and this genuinely typical Ticino village certainly invites you to tarry awhile. There are delightful hiking trails from here to Intragna or Pizzo Leone, with one of the most beautiful panoramic views across the lake. www.centovalli.ch


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