The best activities in and around Ascona

Old town ascona
Old town Ascona

1. Explore the old town of Ascona

A walk in Ascona is an experience like no other in Switzerland: nestled between the blue waters of Lake Maggiore and the picturesque hills of Monte Verità, the town offers endless possibilities for those who enjoy walking.

The old town and the lake promenade are particularly worth seeing.

Carcani hotel on the lake front promenade in Ascona Switzerland
Albergo Carcani on the lake front promenade in Ascona

2. Dining on the promenade

Take a stroll along Ascona’s lakeside promenade, which is lined with numerous restaurants and cafes.

Ticino cuisine focuses on tasty dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients. In this regard, visit Ristorante Carcani, the best rated restaurant in the area.

Ristorante Carcani, with a spacious sun terrace, will win you over with its culinary variety and convivial atmosphere. The menu for lunch and dinner includes delicious dishes from Italian cuisine, as well as popular panini, snacks and salads. The wine list offers an exquisite selection of regional wines, complemented by exquisite drops from Italy. In the afternoon, a sensational homemade cake selection awaits guests.

Beach in Ascona, Swtizerland
Beach im Ascona on Lago Maggiore

3. Enjoy a swim at the Lido Ascona

The Lido Ascona, the largest and most beautiful bathing place in Ticino, is located directly on the lake. For those who want to prove their diving skills, the Lido offers several diving boards. There are several ping-pong tables and beach volleyball courts available, and you can rent stand-up paddle boards. 

Are you in the mood for some relaxation? One of the two bars offers a Caribbean-inspired groove and delicious cocktails, either on the terrace at the entrance or at the small beach bar on the waterfront.

Monte Verita, Ascona
Ascona, Monte Verità

4. Explore Monte Verità on foot

Monte Verità is a hilly area that can be easily reached from Ascona city center. It is a great place to visit if you want to do sports or just enjoy nature. A series of hiking trails offer beautiful views of the old town from above. You can visit the tea house, the park and the Casa Anatta museum, or just enjoy the silence on a bench before going back down to the city.

Monte Vertia Museum

5. Experience the unique atmosphere of Casa Anatta

A visit to the Casa Anatta Museum is a must on Monte Verità: the museum is located in one of the houses of the historic site and was set up to preserve and communicate parts of the site’s rich history.

Monte Verità is a place of extraordinary cultural value. Few other places hosted such a large number of alternative personalities in the 20th century. Artists, writers, philosophers, dancers, all attracted by the mild climate and the beautiful view of Lake Maggiore and by the desire to find like-minded people with whom they could share a path of artistic and spiritual research.

Madonna del Sasso

6. Breathtaking views at Madonna del Sasso

The Madonna del Sasso, located just minutes from Ascona on a hill overlooking neighboring Locarno, offers breathtaking views of Lake Maggiore. The church itself is a marvel of beauty, adorned with beautiful frescoes, and is accessible via a winding walk on the Orselina cable car. It is also home to the Museo Casa del Padre, which houses some of the best sacred art in the region. The 14,000-volume library of the monks is also highly recommended.

Brissago Island botanical park

7. The green of the Botanical Park of Isole di Brissago

The Isole di Brissago Botanical Park is a wonderful place to relax. It is located on the small Brissago islands and is full of abundant imported plants. The garden is a quiet area that can be easily reached by ferry from Ascona. It is indeed an oasis of serenity. Enjoy your lunch in the restaurant on the island, which serves traditional dishes and offers a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore.

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Museums in Ascona

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Shopping in Ascona

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