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slowUp Ticino 2020

slowUp Ticino 2020

19 April 2020

Car-free days with SwitzerlandMobility

A day of free leisure activity that can be spent on a bike, skating or on foot along a distance that is entirely closed to motorized traffic.

You are all welcome to experience the happy atmosphere on a  track of approximately 50 km, which runs between Locarno (Piazza Grande) and Bellinzona (Piazza Governo): a wonderful itinerary that connects the Lake Maggiore region, following along the Piano di Magadino, to the castles of Bellinzona.

Along the way there are also various entertainment points, food stalls and other parallel activities. The pace and distance can be chosen freely, and you can enter and exit the course at any point.

For further information: www.slowup-ticino.ch.

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