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Gusta il Borgo 2020

Gusta il Borgo 2020

29 August 2020

The splendid borough of Ascona has been chosen as the location for the third edition of this special walking tour: this is also the reason for the name of the event GUSTA IL BORGO (Enjoy the borough).

The trail of more than 8 kilometers will be leading through public parks and gardens, along traffic free roads, as for example the lake promenade and the old town, and then ascending and descending the “Hill of Utopia” Monte Verità. This walking path is suitable for everyone and the usual advice is given: good health, appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.

Characteristics of the trail:

  • place: Ascona, start and arrival near the airport (free parking at disposal)
  • length: 8.97 kilometers
  • height difference: lowest point 190 m.a.s.l. (Piazza Ascona); highest point 356 m.a.s.l. (Monte Verità)
  • duration: two and a half hours walking time
  • refreshment points: 9
  • duration including stops for refreshments: 4 hours and a half (calculating a 15 minute break after every lap).
  • difficulty level: leisure, suitable for families, seniors, also dogs are welcome but must be kept on the lead.

Volunteers of the association will be posted all along the trail to support the participants with any information needed. Further the entire trail will be signposted clearly with highly visible signboards.

Every participant will receive a documentation of the trail; If you wish to receive the information in advance, it will also be possible to either download the pdf file from our website for printing or download the digital form directly on your mobile.

Further there will be an alternative trail for anyone with motor disturbances as well as families with children in push prams.

 Further information: www.amisdalaforcheta.ch

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