Wineries in Ascona

Ticino is known for its excellent wines. Sun-ripened grapes and centuries of experience stand for high quality wine.

The Ascona-Locarno region is characterized by vineyards. From large wineries to small private farms, they are everywhere and they all have that very special charm that is wine production. Walking among the grapes and catching a glimpse of wine production is certainly not an everyday experience. It is probably more of a journey that intoxicates the senses and arouses curiosity. 

Long rows of vines crisscross the plains and hills with beautiful views of lakes, valleys and rivers. An intense, sweet but delicate fragrance is in the air. Ticino is famous for the quality of its wines. An excursion by bike or on foot through vineyards and wine cellars will put you in the mood for autumn and you will learn more about the wines of the Lago Maggiore region.

The most popular is undoubtedly Merlot, a wonderful red wine that stands out for its ruby red color and shines with its fresh notes. Here in Ticino, it is also common to enjoy Merlot as a white wine. Its grapes account for over 80% (about 860 hectares) of Ticino’s wine production. The other grape varieties are distributed on only 20%. 

Grapes in Ticino are usually ripe by the end of September, but this depends greatly on weather conditions. Ticino has different soils in the north and in the south, which is why Sottoceneri and Sopraceneri produce very different wines from the same grapes.  

The Lago Maggiore region is rich in hidden bijous: half of the region’s vineyards are considered difficult to cultivate because of their location, accessibility and soil characteristics. The result is rare wines that are worth tasting: Who knows, maybe it will become your new favorite wine.

The grappa that Carcani uses in its restaurant for their bestseller “Risotto Flambé” is not simply store bought. They buy annually selected American grapes, which are processed in a gentle process to create a tasty authentic grappa. 

Visit the wine cellars of Ascona-Locarno and discover a variety of quality wines grown and produced in this area.

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