Falconeria in Locarno

A good place to visit for animal lovers is the Falconeria in Locarno.

Visitors are taken into the exciting world of birds of prey, in a naturally designed environment falcons, eagles, owls and vultures are presented in free flight. While the birds circle in the arena above the heads of the audience, the falconer tells the story of this ancient art. The birds of prey of the Locarno Falconry can be observed at close range and photographed. The important role of birds of prey in maintaining the balance in our ecosystem is also explained and the falconer describes the peculiarities of the different species and their habitat.

A historical moment is experienced through the combination of bird flight and horsemanship in a performance by the Spanish Riding School, which recalls the importance of falconry in human history. With music and epochal costumes, the performance becomes a true journey through time, taking the audience into an intense, surprising and poetic world.

The falconry is also open during the winter months (November to March). Moreover, the covered and heated grandstand allows demonstrations in rainy weather and during the cold seasons. 

The Falconeria can be reached in only 6 minutes by car from Carcani. 

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