The famous Chestnut festival in Ascona 

If you are crazy about chestnuts, there is no way around a visit to Switzerland’s central chestnut festival in Ascona!

The crackling of the burning wood, the scent of chestnuts sizzling on the fire under the watchful eyes of the “Maronatt” experts – this romantic scene is simply impossible to resist!

The main attraction of the all-day chestnut festival in Ascona is, of course, the sweet chestnut. The locals call them marroni, and the people who roast them over an open fire are called maronatts in Ticino dialect. The lakeside town of Ascona provides a particularly beautiful backdrop for a castagnata. ( You guessed it: that’s the Italian word for chestnut festival).

What to expect at the chestnut festival in Ascona.

Ticino is undoubtedly the perfect place in Switzerland to enjoy autumn. The October air is mild, the sun shines gently and precipitation is rare. Along Ascona’s lakeshore, market stalls line up offering locally made gifts. From handmade jewelry and wooden kitchen utensils to toys and clothing, there’s something for everyone.

Delicacies made from chestnuts, from honey to jam and from bread to cakes, will be ubiquitous in Ascona.

Great souvenirs for friends who are also crazy about chestnuts. During the day, about two tons of locally gathered chestnuts will be roasted. (Pop-up concerts by folk bands shorten the wait, as lines for freshly roasted chestnuts can get long.) And if you’ve got an appetite for polenta, sausage or cheese, don’t worry: There are plenty of food stands available.

The setting invites guests to shop in the stores and buy local products or handicrafts.

The festival takes place on Ascona’s lakeside, directly in front of the Hotel Carcani

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