Gluten Free and Carefree – Dining at Carcani

The gluten-free diet, which once led a shadowy existence, is becoming the new norm. In Switzerland, about 1% of the population is currently thought to suffer from the autoimmune disease celiac disease, and the trend is rising. Likewise, many people are sensitive to gluten (i.e. they may suffer from the same symptoms such as stomach upset and breathing difficulties). Some consumers today are also interested in avoiding or limiting gluten in their diets. Grocery stores are heeding this call.  Major supermarkets offer gluten-free products in many categories.

Eating out, however, can be a different story altogether. While there are often few if any gluten-free options on the menu, some chains have begun to get involved.

The chefs and staff at Carcani Restaurant are very educated about celiac disease and contamination and offer some popular gluten-free dishes. From gluten-free pasta, to risotto and all sorts of meat and fish dishes: 

If you are concerned, speak to our waiters unabashedly and we will be happy to work together to create a menu that suits your taste. 

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